We view Foster Carers as fellow professionals and as such, deliver a range of industry-specific training to help you become a successful foster carer and develop as a skilled professional.

Once you have completed an initial Skills to Foster course and a successful assessment to become an approved foster carer, you will be given access to a continuous training programme of relevant and job-specific modules; giving you a deep understanding of child behaviour, and everything that you need to know from current legislation to safeguarding, social work best practice and psychology. As a new foster carer you will be guided through your Training Support Development (a government prescribed curriculum of training) within your first year with Safehouses. We are proud of our holistic approach to carer development – offering a combination of training and peer support – providing all our foster carers with appropriate strategies, tools and emotional resilience to confidently manage challenging

Foster Carer Training


We recognise that it’s not just children that need our support in order to flourish – carers also need our help to reach their full potential and to develop their skills and knowledge. Once you have been approved, a Supervising Social Worker will work with you to support you in looking after children placed with you – their role is also to monitor and help you in your development as a carer and support you through your annual review.

Annual foster carer review