KatC2This is a specialist area of work, given the increased demand and the complexity around the legal status of a parent and their child, as well as the uniqueness of having adult parents in the Foster home. It is vital for any agency to offer dedicated support to its SSWs and Foster Carers, to ensure the best care and support possible.

Kat Carter, Senior Practitioner at Safehouses, is our Parent and Child Champion. Kat has worked as a social worker for over 5 years within Looked after children, Leaving care, and Fostering teams. Her responsibility for multiple mother and child placements has honed her parenting assessments skills and she is able to pass this experience onto her colleagues and Carers.

Kat keeps fellow SSWs and Foster Carers up to date with the latest Parent and Child research, best practice and industry advice around bottles, feeding, weaning, early years attachment and child development – supporting parents, Carers and Placement team colleagues. She helps Foster Carers recognise and manage the distinct needs of both the parent and the child including clarity around the Carers’ role.

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