vyrahVyrah Collins is a Senior Practitioner for Ryancare who has over 20 years experience in Child Protection, Fostering and Safeguarding.  Vyrah has direct experience of working with children who have been trafficked both in her current and previous roles.  Vyrah writes: “We are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact of CSE, which can profoundly affect the social, psychological, physical or economical lives of those involved.  These young people might be isolated from their friends and family and at greater risk of violence or assault.  Awareness of the intricacies of CSE, as well as a coordinated approach to tackling it is key to dealing with its challenges.   Therefore my role as Champion will be to provide advice and support to carers and colleagues within our organisation by keeping up to date with information, policy and procedures regarding CSE and continuing to raise awareness of the issue”.

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