Once you have been approved to foster, you become part of our professional team and will have a dedicated Supervising Social Worker who will work with you and the children placed with you.

You will also be included in a range of foster carer social events and have access to a 24/7 managed on-call service, manned by our Social Workers who will support you 24 hours a day (including out of hours visits if necessary).womanandbaby_support_web

In addition to the comprehensive training curriculum that we undertake with all our foster carers, we like to provide a tailored support programme unique to each foster carer. This is based upon an understanding of your needs and experience.

We also offer a confidential counselling service, so that our foster carers can discuss any personal issues or concerns that they may have outside of fostering.

As part of the Next Step Fostering Group, Safehouses also has a dedicated Children’s Champion whose role is to advocate for and communicate with our looked after children; to let their voices be heard whether that is to improve our service or let their achievements be known. As well as help them to develop as individuals through a range of out of school activities (where both looked after and foster family birth children are welcome).

We also have an in-house Counselling Service, allowing you to discuss any personal issues that you may be experiencing, in complete confidence and outside of your usual Supervison meetings.