David (6), Thomas (4) and Mia (3) entered foster care nearly 2 ½ years ago and earlier this year were placed with Wendy, a foster carer with considerable experience fostering sibling groups and children with particular health and behavioural needs. “When the children first arrived with me they were very wary of adults and new environments.
They had struggled to settle in with previous families which left them mistrustful and caused them to act out.” Wendy says.

With patience, empathy and positive re-enforcement Wendy provided a safe and loving home in which to allow the siblings to heal, learn to trust and be children again – offering reassurance of their safety and stability. They have learnt to share and play nicely together, caring for each other and respecting adults.

Their original Social Worker, who has been a constant in these children’s lives since their birth, recently visited with Wendy and the children after just 4 months in her care, and found an incredible transformation. “For the first time in a long time I saw 3 happy, relaxed and confident little children. David was wonderful with his brother and sister, holding hands with them and trying to carry them when they were tired. Thomas, previously considered autistic due to his lack of communication, is now a chatty and communicative little boy. While Mia is now her little ‘Princess’ self again and was not at all aggressive or disrespectful. I would like to thank Wendy for her hard work, commitment and determination as well as her patience and kindness which has helped redress the damage that had been caused to these children.”

Following their time with Wendy, the children have now found an adoptive family where they can stay together and are looking forward to a very happy future in their new forever family.