David, Thomas & Mia

David (6), Thomas (4) and Mia (3) entered foster care nearly 2 ½ years ago and earlier this year were placed with Wendy, a foster carer with considerable experience fostering sibling groups and children with particular health and behavioural needs. “When the children first arrived with me they were very wary of adults and new environments.

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It is possible to change a life – a story from Safehouses records:

Aimee – never thought of herself as having a problem, not until Social Services became involved in her life. She was used to looking after her young brothers, going to the chip shop every night for £1 worth of chips to feed them all, and not going to school because Mum said she had to stay at home to look after her brothers while she went out.

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Clare S

‘I get on well with J and I. I is interested in cars and so am I. They’re down to earth, I can talk to them. They listen to me. I can talk to them about anything. They support me, they help me. They’ve helped me get into college and they explained things to me. Without J and I, I wouldn’t be playing cricket. J drives me there and back and they take me to practice on Wednesdays. They introduced me to the coach. They went out of their way to sort things out for me. We have a laugh about things. We laugh and joke together and I’ve never seen them anything but happy. Things couldn’t be better for me.’

Clare S.

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Rob M

‘I like things in this house… they listen to me… I haven’t been in trouble since I have been here, I haven’t done anything wrong. P and J are laid back, they are my best Foster Parents. Thanks to P, I went to the club and have now joined the table tennis club. J cooks nice food and I eat it all. I will start doing my own soon, with washing and all that. At school I am going for a C in English – that’s fantastic. P and J help me if I need it and when I do my homework – I like school.

Rob M.

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