We are also looking for foster carers who can provide a nurturing environment to parents who need an opportunity to learn how to parent safely; to continue with their education or employment; or to live in a safe and supported environment during the early months of parenthood. PandC_mum and toddler WEB

There are three tiers of service:

1 – Nurture, mentor and advise

2 – Assessment of parenting capacity and commitment

3 – Risk and capacity assessment for Court

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Parent and child foster care is a specialist type of fostering, requiring potential carers to have experience of parenting and communicating with young people in a positive manner. This service does carry additional responsibility as carers are required to not only mentor and help a parent to develop but also to be involved in the assessment of their parenting, sometimes for Court. This additional responsibility means that this type of fostering does carry with it an enhanced payment structure.

Additional training and support are provided by our expert Social Workers, including:

Foster carers are also required to keep a daily and weekly online diary to record and track the progress of the young parents and their child.

Families undertaking this role are fully supported by weekly Supervising Social Worker visits and additional support if required.

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