Fostering is rapidly becoming a favourite new career for those leaving the Forces or Police. 

More and more Foster Carers are coming to Fostering as a second career from the military and Police as they have many of the skills that a successful Foster Carer needs, including resilience and team-work. While many realise that Fostering needs compassion, understanding and nurturing; the sense of security that can be instilled through routine, respect and boundary setting can not be underestimated.

man_bike_webAt Safehouses Fostering we specialise in caring for children with a wide range of emotional and behavioural needs. Some children may have suffered severe trauma, something to which ex-military personnel can particularly relate and can therefore offer excellent support to children healing from it. We also find that our Foster Carers experience a “bonded, family atmosphere” as one carer described it, across our agency and team – where support, advice or sometimes just a friendly ear are always available.  We are a tight knit team and provide a superior level of initial and ongoing training to our Foster Carers as well as 24/7 support from our team of experts. We make sure that we provide a dedicated support network of experts and professionals to all our Foster Carers so that they have all the help they need to do this challenging but extremely rewarding role. Our carers consistently tell us that they appreciate the level of support and training that we offer and that they could not Foster as well as they do without it.

Fostering is such a rewarding career, and one that is perfect to keep one’s sense of adventure engaged. Whether it’s helping to prepare a young person for their first Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition or cheering them on at their first football or netball game – it’s individuals like you, whose efforts, care and support, is what changes young people’s lives helping them to heal and flourish.

We are currently looking to recruit more Foster Carers across London, and the South East of England including Essex; Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire  – so no matter where you are currently based OR plan on moving we can find the best local office for you. There are a several types of fostering that you can be approved for, from short term to permanent and Parent & Child to Remand so why not give us a call for a chat about your options and what type of Fostering would suit you best.

Fostering is a unique challenge, but it carries equally unique rewards; and with the very favourable tax allowances that are offered, it really can be one of the best jobs you’ve ever had.

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